Merle Axelrad Fabric Art Portfolio

Gallery of Sewn Fabric Collage by Merle Axelrad

This gallery of the sewn fabric collage of Merle Axelerad ( formerly known as Merle Axelrad-Serlin and Merle Serlin) is presented for those art collectors, art consultants, art galleries and visitors who have disabled scripting on their browsers. You may also view these fabric collages via the portfolio page gallery.

The collection includes pieces that were commisioned by public art commissions, corporate art purchasers and private art collectors as well as fabric collage that were created as non- commissioned pieces.

Each of these textile art pieces are created by sewing thousands of fabric pieces together to create the final fabric collage. Unlike traditional collage, Merle Axelrad uses no adhesives in creating her landscapes, botanical studies and architectural pieces. The resulting fabric art can often be first confused with photography or water colors.

Corporate Art Commissions

Mission San Jose Mission San Jose

Mission Espanada MissionEspanada

Sierra Water Sierra Water

Stanislaus River Stanislaus River

California RicelandsCalifornia Rice Lands

Sierra Stream 1 Sierra Stream 1

Sierra Stream 2 Sierra Stream 2

Sierra Stream 3 Sierra Stream 3

Private Art Commisions

Redwoods_2 Redwoods_2

Eucalyptus 1 Eucalyptus 1

Eucalyptus 2 Eucalyptus 2

Madison Range Madison Range

River 2 River 2

River 3 River 3

Yuba River Yuba River

Toulumne River Toulumne River

Sonora Stone Sonora Stone

Foothills 2 Foothills 2

Foothills in Spring Foothills in Spring

Branch 2 Branch 2

Branch 2Mount Everest

Branch 2 River Bend

Birches Birches

Havasu Creek Havasu Creek

Branching out Branching Out

Jolomhari Jolomhari

Public Art Commissions

Monterey Canyon Monterey Bay Canyon

Delta Delta

Headwater Redwoods Headwater Redwoods

Central Coast Foothills Central Coast Foothills

Joshua tree Joshua Tree

Lake tahoe Lake Tahoe

Mount Shasta Mount Shasta

Tree Part 1 Tree Part 1

Tree Part 2 Tree Part 2

Tree Part 3 Three Part 3

Tree Part 4 Tree Part 4

Tree Part 5 Tree Part 5

Cliffs at Land's End Cliffs at Land's End

Bay Area Foothils Bay Area Foothills

Marin Headlands Marin Headlands

Central Coast Central Coast

Sentinel Sentinel

Studio Work

Beach At Little Sur River


Fields Fields

River River

FootHills Foothills

Yuba River 2 Yuba River 2

Lake Tahoe 3 Lake Tahoe 3

Lake Tahoe 2 Lake Tahoe 2

Refelction Reflections

Reflections 2 Reflections 2

Branch: U-Turn Branch: U-Turn

Branck: Stretch Branch: Stretch

Weave Weave

Mission Column Mission Column

Green Water Green Water

River 4 River 4


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