New collage!

I’ve just started work on a new private commission for a family that recently moved from the Sacramento area to Southern California. They wanted something that hearkens back to Sacto. This is the drawing I’ll be working from.

river bend - green alt cropped

Now it’s time to get started!!!


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2 thoughts on “New collage!

  1. Hi Merle, i am really impressed by your work, thankyou for sharing some of your process.
    Can i cross-examine you momentarily? Being new to your work & Because I live in an isolated area in the s west of Western Australia and have no or little access to workshops here. Therefore I learn what i can from / through the internet. Thank goodness for that at least, though we have poor reception and slow speed and v expensive data charges compared to the US and UK.

    However, I would like to partake in a landscape quilt (?) art piece but am struggling to find more information. I hope you dont mind, … copying is the sincerest form of applause … or similar… lol … well I dont want to copy just participate in fabric art … geometric quilts drive me crazy.
    I would really like to know some more the layering process for your work, if you dont mind…?
    The material of the layer you draw on…? Do you use batting.. if so why ? ….for support or just to substantiate the background for/ of the stitching…? As they are ‘art pieces’ is the back material incorporated into your colour scheme…? Do you use anything over the top to preserve from accumulation of grime or insects, like a spray …? Is there a backboard of some discription for stiffening or support… or to hang … like a painting? Thank you, should you choose to reply for your time and kindness.
    May it rain little Blue Wrens in your backyard (the prettiest happiest little birds here) lol
    Sincerely Meriel

    • Meriel

      I’m so sorry. I just now saw this note. The best way I can explain my process is to direct you to videos of my work. If you look on my website and click on Press, you will see a couple of videos. The one describing the making of Ricelands is probably the best.

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