Enter my Studio

Welcome to my studio!! Look left and you can see my current work in progress. Look right and you can see the flat files that hold my prints. And you can tell it’s February…. See the Valentine’s Day candy on the little table by the door?

I hope everyone has plans for this Thursday!  Happy Heart Day!! By the way….  If you need a last minute gift, my small prints are on sale for only $80…..  And sets of notecards are only $20.  Just mentioning….

The Studio Door is Open

The Studio Door is Open!

The Upstairs Gallery and the Axelrad Studio both have a fresh coat of paint.  Come visit!

ARTHOUSE is located at 1021 R Street, Sacramento 95811.  My studio is on the second floor.  I’ll be hosting an Open Studio from 6-9pm on Saturday, Feb 9.

Also…..  I’ll be speaking about my work in Folsom on the evening of Feb. 12.  Contact me if you’d like more information.

Mission(s) Accomplished

Done!!!  My first collages depicting architecture landmarks (Mission San Jose and Mission Espada) were completed in October.  I followed them to Houston where they were framed (see image above).  They then traveled to San Antonio and were installed in their permanent home, the new corporate headquarters of NuStar Energy.
Now what?
I’m about to start a new series of California landscapes.  When completed they will be featured in a Carmel art gallery.  
Life is good!

It’s the 7th annual CAST event!  I’ll be in my studio ALL weekend.  

We start with a talk about art genres, mediums, and appreciation, hosted by Taylor Gutermute.  That will be at ARTHOUSE (upstairs in the Fuller Building, next to the Fox and Goose – 10th and R).  It’s on Friday, Sept 7, from 6-7pm.  Our studios will be open for a sneak peak.
Then there are the “regular” CAST Open Studio hours.  For ARTHOUSE that will be Sept 8 and 9, 10am-5pm.  
And there’s “Second Saturday”.  I’ll be hosting an Open Studio on the 8th from 6-9pm.
Whew!!!  It’s going to be a busy weekend.  I plan to work (current deadline is looming) that weekend, so come visit me!  

Mission Espada

Mission Espada is now well underway in my studio.  It has to be done by the end of September, so I’m putting in a lot of studio hours!

Also – I’ll be speaking about my work in Grass Valley on Sept. 4 and in Sacramento on Sept. 5.  Both talks are in the evening.  Let me know if you’re interested in attending, and I’ll send you more details.

Mission San Jose completed

I recently finished my first collage of a building!  It’s Mission San Jose in San Antonio, Texas.  This fall it will be installed in the entry lobby of NuStar Energy’s new headquarters building in San Antonio.  I’m currently working on its companion piece, Mission Espada.  Each collage is 8’X5′, so they’ve taken a bit of time!!!

May Resolution – To Be a Better Blogger

Lake Tahoe 2

I confess – I’m a terrible blogger.

Since I last posted, here’s what’s happened:
1.  I had a show at 48 Natomas Gallery in Folsom, CA
2.  I’ve spoken about my work to various groups in Northern California
3.  I’ve completed two small collages, Lake Tahoe 2 and Lake Tahoe 3 (pictured).  The latter is still available.
4.  I’ve received a commission to do four large (8’X5′) collages for a Fortune 500 company’s new headquarters building in San Antonio, TX.  Two need to be completed by September, so I’m spending long hours in the studio.

Now you’re up to date.

This coming Saturday (May 12) I’ll be speaking in Napa, CA, and on Tuesday (May 15)  I’ll be speaking in San Francisco.  If you live in those areas and would like more information, please email me at merleserlin@gmail.com.

I resolve – I’ll be a better blogger in the future.

Lake Tahoe 3

Mutual admiration

Check out this blog!

Tina Steele Lindsey (another three word name!) is an artist in Atlanta who came across my work and asked if she could highlight it on her site.  How generous is that!?

While you are there, be sure to look at the portrait she did of the wedding couple.  Really stunning!

Also – there is a very cool video of kinetic art on a bicycle!  Enjoy!